We are located in centre of the well known handicraft & art painting in Ubud - Bali, the famous paradise island of Indonesia. Our business special for local markets has been started from the first two years from the starting point of our factory building. However after a huge experiences, we have growed up our market to the other over the world. Mostly we have sent many of our items to USA and Europe since two years ago.

As per experience we have got, we believe we are now also becomes one of the world's finest producers of Furniture , Wooden carving , Stone carving , Iterior and exterior designs.We could offer or providing an excellent supply of raw materials & skilled labor with low overhead costs and very smooth export procedures.

Better Control of Local production
A knowledge of local customs and cultural practices are also important factors in obtaining efficient production. Most of the production in Indonesian is “cottage industry” based, which involves small groups of families. Further to this the Balinese people are devout Hindus and have to divide their time between working and carrying out their religious practices. Their lifestyle has a very direct bearing on manufacturing output. As buying agents the company invariably needs to work around the those times when for instance a local family, a village community, or even the entire population is focusing on a religious event.

Quality Control is the Key
High on our list of priorities is quality controlling. Almost all our activates are based around this single most important task. It is the corner stone our services. At every stage manufacturing process we monitoring the product for minimum moisture content, painting preparation and final checking.

Understanding the Customer Needs
Our experience in the retail & wholesale markets affords us a considerable knowledge of how the product should satisfy certain requirements. Putting the right product, at the right time, in the right place and at the right price is vital to the success of any buying strategy. We can provide a range of services to suit each customers needs.

New product development
We can assist you in developing new product ranges. New products can be tailor made to suit your requirements for whatever season or special promotions you need to target for.

A Complete Shipping service
We have Can complete in house shipping and packing service. This service enables the customer to have complete peace of mind right from the point of sourcing, ordering, quality, controlling, making final payment to the final shipping preparation and legal documentation.

We take care of Everything
A buyer looking to do business in Indonesia need look no further. We can provide transport , pre book accommodation and organize just about anything you need to see that your get to concentrate on the most important thing … Buying

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